Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Moved | Good change-Sweet timing!

Well, Its been a while since I wrote so I thought I'd do another catch up for you all. Ashley and I have really been evaluating our finances going into a marriage. And after a couple weeks of looking for houses and rental properties we both thought it would be best not to have me move into a place thats crazy expensive for one person, plus this time is a great chance for me to get caught up on bills/debt. So I have just moved in with my aunt and uncle, JIm and Janet Davis. Its great, the setup is awesome, they have offered up their entire basement to me. Complete with space for a bedroom, office and living space. The living space has a small kitchen, entertainment area, dining area (perfect for cards- uno especially). The other side is the bedroom/office. Its great is all I have to say. They have been so good to me. So good to Ash and me. My first night here ashley and I were making headway in the wedding planner Barbara and Kasi made us, and Janet sat right in asking questions, really helping us with some fun decisions. Asking ashley about wedding dresses, the ceremony, who we are having in the wedding, lots of stuff. Then we got to have really good time together, just thinking about how all the things God has done to prove his love for us. Which brings me to my next point, independence. They are really making it comfortable for me to feel OK about not having to let them know everything I am doing, that I can just sit down here and write, read or work, without that lingering feeling of: I should be upstairs spending time with them since they are letting me stay here. None of that. Although, I do want a new relationship to being here. With Jim, Janet and their son, my cousin, Jimmy.

This marks the start of an amazing marriage. Yes, I had caution about this move, it was weird, and I told Jim that, but we both agreed pride gets strong sometimes and it doesn't need to stand in the way of all the good things God can do.

So, where do we go from here? Well, I have a few jobs I am pumped about, getting these done will allow me to save, pay off things and not have anxiety of money isues for a few months, to grow, to plan and to learn. I also have some things to get together for Christian Academy, things that would move me into a plce of full-time employment there. Luckily they are on Spring Break and allows time to collect and manage everything they need to see, the ball is in my court and they really want me there. And God does too!

There is a heep load of more things going on but I need to get some things done here, and get over to my apartment to finish loading some small things and clean it up for the next person. And moving on from here is something I have thought about but do not want to engage right now, just trying to be patient, let God work and be thankful!

Peace ya'll!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Keeps" on truckin at 25!!

That's right, Ashley turns 25 today! Happy Birthday beautiful!

Its already a great day. Ashley got called to sub at CAL for the first time on her birthday (she can really expand on this for you later). We talked this morning for a bit after a great night at the Harvey's for community group dinner night. And tonight after Ashley has practice we are using my trde deal to eat out at the number 9 google searched "Italian Restaurant" Vincenzo's for a little bday dinner. Then who knows what her man has planned after that...

So I write this for you to leave comments for her and I'll have her check it later tonight as one of her gifts... Thanks to you all who support us, we love you!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

An update on us

For all eight of you readers out there... I thought I'd give an update on whats going on in our lives. Its so exciting!!

Since being engaged we have had to really look at some things, more seriously. Jobs, Finances, Timing, Wedding Planning, Housing, among other things. We gave it our best shot at working at TugBoat together (for now). Ashley did an amazing job of getting new business, it was just that no one was spending at the end of the year. So since no work was coming in, no finances were getting into the checking account. So we both asked God to provide insight.

Where do we go, what do we do first? So we put the wedding on the back burner and aimed at getting new jobs. I landed a part time gig at Christian Academy teaching what I love, web design. One class a day, pretty awesome. I get to teach the youth, who have a goal of loving Jesus. I know, me as a teacher, hilarious! But its going great, in my second week. Ashley also tried to get in at CAL, and since no teaching jobs were available, that didn't stop her, she got a head coaching job, the middle school track team. Awesome! She also got asked to be the assistant coach for the high school team, running the pole vaulters and hurdlers into the ground! Go Ash! My baby is gonna be in "more" shape!! And TugBoat is starting to kick again. Jobs are slowing starting to show up, praise God!

Finances have been really pushing us down. Being the middle topic of many discussions and frustrating fights. But I see what God is telling us. Be patient. Encouraged. And allow Him to work. We are both very tight and have been truly blessed with great families, church and friends. Thank you all. Your encouragement and support is helping.

Wedding plans. We have been putting so much energy into finding a place to live, finding jobs and dealing with some pretty immediate needs that the wedding has not been in any thought process. Which is OK, because we love each other and in faith, believe God will show us timing of everything. And He has started. We had an amazing phone call this morning about a date. I will not reveal any details, but you all will know soon enough. It was very exciting to start this discussion. Ashley had some time this morning to talk to God about this. And with His permission we have an idea of where to start. Having that confirmation is so crucial in all this. I am blessed to have a woman who truly trusts God to show her things. And its comforting to know she is receiving this from a great source. So, more on this later. (Its funny, I got an email from a friend who said they have been getting info from a family in Russel about the wedding. Not to name names, but that they are getting info before we even know about it, strange... whoever you are, careful! ha!) Everything is going so great even through our frustration but both know God is in charge and we want to bless Him in all we do in planning this thing - ultimately having a life together.

That's a start, Ashley if you have more to add, do it!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not just an ordinary smile

I am just sitting here thinking about what really makes me happy these days. Well, I thought of your face. More than that though. Your smiling face.

It amazes me. I am thinking, like, I used to watch football, play sports - basically had a totally different life before you. You have really done a number on me, I thank you for that. Now, I have steady prayer, scripture, real conversations, board games, visiting friends, a partner to go to church with, I'm actually road biking, mountain biking, I'm actually running, no more TV or addictions to the internet, instead I get to have long phone conversations with you or seeing new friends (from your life - BC), I no longer dwell in my sadness, not to say I do not have sad times now, but I can share them with someone I can trust. I have so many pictures, notes; my hand hates to be alone. But back to your smile... I wish I could express what it does to me. It brightens my day, it drives me crazy, it makes all things seem small. Humm, sounds like God has something to do with this huh? You support me, serve me, live in "it" with me, get excited with me, PAUSE, there you are calling... (smile)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dealing with struggle

I have to say that I have the best person in my life to share things with, ashley sartaine! I love her. We had a tough afternoon dealing with jobs, motivation and other tough stuff. Anyway, we met back up at Sunergos around 4 and were able to talk about what we each dealt with and felt hurt about. It was right, good and a blessing. Its a blessing because when sharing with her I can really tell all, from my heart. There are just some people you cannot get deep with and I am very happy to say Ashley is my person where I can. It is very God honoring to work thru circumstances that effect each other and its amazing how it works when we both are dealing with sin. It realy shows God's control in our lives. I am so blessed that God created someone like her to, one, deal with me, and two, be so sacrificial, in her time, in her finances, and in her spirit. Its awesome! God's awesome and Ashley is my "keeps."