Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, tonight during an excellent Tim Burton movie, Alice in Wonderland, Ashley perks up and tells me, "I just felt the baby move a lot." For the very first obvious time, Ashley felt, whome we are calling HERM (mix of him and her cause we are not finding out the sex), kick, move, shove, fist bump, whatever in her belly. She was so excited, I got so excited (I wanted to stand up and let the whole theater know about it). It was a big day for us. Lord, please keep them both healthy, well, and close to you. Thank you so much!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're gonna have a baby!!

Well, its week seven and I thought I'd go public with the news. We're parents!

Ashley and I are so excited to announce this news to everyone. There are days that go by and days that are remembered. I want to share a few of the ones I will forever remember.

Test day.

Ashley walks up to me and says, with a serious face, "I think I am pregnant." I smiled huge, like the Jim Carey version of The Grinch. From ear to ear. I have never heard better news, well, I can compare it to her "yes" from Dec of 08. But this was amazing. And of course I say, are you sure? So we read up on things and bought a test, well, a few of them. Hers was very much positive and mine was not. Yep, I took a "control" test to be sure. :) In that moment we found out we were parents. I know there are a ton of opinions about whether or not you become parents just after taking a pregnancy test, and I have to say, God is good, and I felt like a father. Immediately. Something does happen and there is a child in her growing. Anyone who does not think this needs to loosen up in trying to control things. Something beautiful happens to your wife, and you feel a weight, but not a burden, not a negative thing, a good thing in your heart that changes you. I am feeling that still today as we go thru each day together.

Announcing days.

So what are our next steps... Do we tell people, yeah, then who? I will keep names out of this so there are no hurt feelings, but we told our community group leaders and some close neighbor friends... both with two babies of their own. They were so excited. We felt a little better being able to talk about it with someone, but it still didn't feel quite right. We prayed about telling our families over Christmas because we did not want to steal Jesus' thunder. That's really impossible, this just shows him even more. So, during our trip to Eastern KY we told the Sartaine's. They were so pumped. Then to my folks on Christmas day. Then the whole family on Saturday. All so very excited for us. Hugs all around.

This week.

So that was last week, and this week the sickness and fatigue have suppressed, but still on Ashley (heck, she's building a baby in her stomach). She is doing awesome. What a woman. Still herself, wanting to run, bike and stay on top of things, but this is a pretty big deal and she is starting to understand that fact. She will be able to do most of this (after talking to others and reading babycentral.com), but I have asked her to be cautious and be sure of things before she does it. She goes to the practitioner on Tuesday, so I'll be sending my list of questions with her. (Typically the man does not go to this, its just blood and paperwork) The big visit is later in the month. We hear the heartbeat and I'll be asking more questions then. :) Next steps for us is to contact our church about parenting steps. where we need to be and how they can support us.

Thankful days.

Some really big things have been going on in our financial decisions, I wont go into details, but good things that we are both very thankful for and of course things that will need to be adjusted.

All this for the good of our growing relationship with each other and now little Baby Hilton. Praise God!

Stay posted and I'll try to get to updates as I can.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Moved | Good change-Sweet timing!

Well, Its been a while since I wrote so I thought I'd do another catch up for you all. Ashley and I have really been evaluating our finances going into a marriage. And after a couple weeks of looking for houses and rental properties we both thought it would be best not to have me move into a place thats crazy expensive for one person, plus this time is a great chance for me to get caught up on bills/debt. So I have just moved in with my aunt and uncle, JIm and Janet Davis. Its great, the setup is awesome, they have offered up their entire basement to me. Complete with space for a bedroom, office and living space. The living space has a small kitchen, entertainment area, dining area (perfect for cards- uno especially). The other side is the bedroom/office. Its great is all I have to say. They have been so good to me. So good to Ash and me. My first night here ashley and I were making headway in the wedding planner Barbara and Kasi made us, and Janet sat right in asking questions, really helping us with some fun decisions. Asking ashley about wedding dresses, the ceremony, who we are having in the wedding, lots of stuff. Then we got to have really good time together, just thinking about how all the things God has done to prove his love for us. Which brings me to my next point, independence. They are really making it comfortable for me to feel OK about not having to let them know everything I am doing, that I can just sit down here and write, read or work, without that lingering feeling of: I should be upstairs spending time with them since they are letting me stay here. None of that. Although, I do want a new relationship to being here. With Jim, Janet and their son, my cousin, Jimmy.

This marks the start of an amazing marriage. Yes, I had caution about this move, it was weird, and I told Jim that, but we both agreed pride gets strong sometimes and it doesn't need to stand in the way of all the good things God can do.

So, where do we go from here? Well, I have a few jobs I am pumped about, getting these done will allow me to save, pay off things and not have anxiety of money isues for a few months, to grow, to plan and to learn. I also have some things to get together for Christian Academy, things that would move me into a plce of full-time employment there. Luckily they are on Spring Break and allows time to collect and manage everything they need to see, the ball is in my court and they really want me there. And God does too!

There is a heep load of more things going on but I need to get some things done here, and get over to my apartment to finish loading some small things and clean it up for the next person. And moving on from here is something I have thought about but do not want to engage right now, just trying to be patient, let God work and be thankful!

Peace ya'll!