Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You can't teach this

The past few days have ben very stressful to say the least. But today I never woke to feel more loved. More needed and more served... all in the same day. Wow, even thru all this junk going on (more on this later). Ashley called me this morning to give her n old fashion pep talk. I was able to read to her and help get her ready for the day. After our phone call I kept on reading, getting my weekly email ready for Advent for my family. I ran across some good scripture I had to share with ashley, really for me in y day but it ended up being something she reeally needed. It was 1 Cor 15 (if I remember right) about Gods grace and its strength in our weakness. So my day went on and I picked up her from the mall (her mom is in town to do some shopping), and she had dinner for me, serving, and we headed to a meeting. We met with a local advertising guy, home-based, and got some real good inspirational stuff from him. Then we split up again, plans were for me to go on the job hunt more and Ashley was going to workout. Well, I get to find out that she actually spent some much needed time with God instead of distracting herself by working out. Awesome growth! So we had community group tonight and it was good, fun with Anna and good fellowship, as usual. Then we both came to my place, I showed her some of the jobs I applied for and we talked relationship. Plans were to watch a few episodes of Lost but we both were draggin', so Ashley left to go to bed. But to end the night we talked about life, God and family. Then we prayed and I started to read. It was great, Ashley warned me she was crashing hard. But I kept reading and I ended up reading to myself cause I looked at my phone and she was not responding. This is a first I put her to slepp with my soothing reading, my mumbles finally put her to rest. It felt kinda nice really. I hung up and thanked God for her. She is great and I am in love (and you can't teach this) and engage to be married.