Monday, December 8, 2008

Tonight with Sushi

Ashley and I had a really great evening together, we once again, grabbed some sushi. It was perfect after a really good meeting with a guy, Nathan, starting a new business in Engineering. Nathan was great, a true inventor. He had two cool inventions, one was a leaf collector, the other was a garden security system against rabbits... look for a business called Schwaniger Enterprises. Great guy. I even got to mention my long time desire of building a catapult.

Anyway back to sushi, we have a new way of celebrating sushi, most people "cheers" to each other, well we "stick". It where we take our chopsticks andap them together and say "wood", pronouced "wooood," in a french accent like in Pink Panther (Steve Martin style). Its our little things that make us laugh... We have so much fun together. We had a really crazy night. Fun, romantic and fresh. Always fresh.

One other thing, after a great night with Dave and Ali on Saturday we have been calling our engagement a "Unit" since we are not a family (as in married with kids) to we are a "Unit" and tonight we are an A/C unit. As in Ashlay and Cliff unit, and as in "so cool". I am so excited to be engaged to her. She is so sweet to me, such a beautiful and sincere smile/laugh combo. Thats it for tongiht... to many quoting in this entry. Peace to all.