Friday, January 16, 2009

An update on us

For all eight of you readers out there... I thought I'd give an update on whats going on in our lives. Its so exciting!!

Since being engaged we have had to really look at some things, more seriously. Jobs, Finances, Timing, Wedding Planning, Housing, among other things. We gave it our best shot at working at TugBoat together (for now). Ashley did an amazing job of getting new business, it was just that no one was spending at the end of the year. So since no work was coming in, no finances were getting into the checking account. So we both asked God to provide insight.

Where do we go, what do we do first? So we put the wedding on the back burner and aimed at getting new jobs. I landed a part time gig at Christian Academy teaching what I love, web design. One class a day, pretty awesome. I get to teach the youth, who have a goal of loving Jesus. I know, me as a teacher, hilarious! But its going great, in my second week. Ashley also tried to get in at CAL, and since no teaching jobs were available, that didn't stop her, she got a head coaching job, the middle school track team. Awesome! She also got asked to be the assistant coach for the high school team, running the pole vaulters and hurdlers into the ground! Go Ash! My baby is gonna be in "more" shape!! And TugBoat is starting to kick again. Jobs are slowing starting to show up, praise God!

Finances have been really pushing us down. Being the middle topic of many discussions and frustrating fights. But I see what God is telling us. Be patient. Encouraged. And allow Him to work. We are both very tight and have been truly blessed with great families, church and friends. Thank you all. Your encouragement and support is helping.

Wedding plans. We have been putting so much energy into finding a place to live, finding jobs and dealing with some pretty immediate needs that the wedding has not been in any thought process. Which is OK, because we love each other and in faith, believe God will show us timing of everything. And He has started. We had an amazing phone call this morning about a date. I will not reveal any details, but you all will know soon enough. It was very exciting to start this discussion. Ashley had some time this morning to talk to God about this. And with His permission we have an idea of where to start. Having that confirmation is so crucial in all this. I am blessed to have a woman who truly trusts God to show her things. And its comforting to know she is receiving this from a great source. So, more on this later. (Its funny, I got an email from a friend who said they have been getting info from a family in Russel about the wedding. Not to name names, but that they are getting info before we even know about it, strange... whoever you are, careful! ha!) Everything is going so great even through our frustration but both know God is in charge and we want to bless Him in all we do in planning this thing - ultimately having a life together.

That's a start, Ashley if you have more to add, do it!!