Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not just an ordinary smile

I am just sitting here thinking about what really makes me happy these days. Well, I thought of your face. More than that though. Your smiling face.

It amazes me. I am thinking, like, I used to watch football, play sports - basically had a totally different life before you. You have really done a number on me, I thank you for that. Now, I have steady prayer, scripture, real conversations, board games, visiting friends, a partner to go to church with, I'm actually road biking, mountain biking, I'm actually running, no more TV or addictions to the internet, instead I get to have long phone conversations with you or seeing new friends (from your life - BC), I no longer dwell in my sadness, not to say I do not have sad times now, but I can share them with someone I can trust. I have so many pictures, notes; my hand hates to be alone. But back to your smile... I wish I could express what it does to me. It brightens my day, it drives me crazy, it makes all things seem small. Humm, sounds like God has something to do with this huh? You support me, serve me, live in "it" with me, get excited with me, PAUSE, there you are calling... (smile)

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